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Land Surveying

... How The Profession Serves The Public

Since a person may require the services of a Professional Land Surveyor only once during their lifetime, they may not be aware of the logical steps to be followed when selecting a Land Surveyor.

To help in making such a selection, we have prepared the following information with the answers to a few commonly asked questions.

In general, a survey should be made before purchasing real property, when dividing any parcel of land for sale (in conformance with state laws and local ordinances), and prior to the construction of any improvements on property in which you have an interest.

Remember, the services of a Land Surveyor today will cost less in time, worry, and money than the cost of moving improvements or defending a lawsuit later!

Frequently Asked Questions:

bulletHow Do I Choose a Land Surveyor?
bulletHow Much Will a Survey Cost?
bulletWhat Will a Land Surveyor Do for Me?
bulletMethods of Surveying
bulletTypes of Land Surveys
bulletLand Surveyor-Client Relations


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